The new design is half done!


After years of neglect, this website is finally getting a much-needed overhaul. This temporary page is a sneak preview of the new look that will be deployed shortly.

The new website makes use of responsive web design and is driven by the latest version of the Joomla! Content Management system. Some of the design elements need tweaking, the code for the new functionality needs finalising and, most importantly, it needs to be thoroughly tested for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility. As soon as it is ready it will appear here.

In addition to functionality for Sinkwa Enterprises clients, the new site will host write-ups about the various technology solutions that I have created or discovered. I hope that it will become both a portfolio of my exploits and a handy reference for anyone with an interest in networking, security, development or web technologies. I learned much of what I can do with the assistance of people who have shared their knowledge via the Internet – this will be an attempt to finally give something back.


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